About me

Hi everybody my name is Devon Reseburg I am from Gresham, OR and am 26 years old. I currently live in Keizer with my wife Nicole and our pet rat. I am at WOU working on my MSED in science curriculum and instruction.

I am a science teacher for the sophomore connections program through Robert’s high school in Salem. I have been teaching for about 3.5 years now and have been at a different location each year. My first year teaching was at Lutheran high school San Diego in San Diego California (obviously) while I loved the weather and the small environment they had me teaching 5 preps which really didn’t work for me. After moving back to Oregon I spent a year each at South Salem high school and Sprague high school before starting at Robert’s this school year.

In ourĀ free time my wife and I like to ride bikes, read and homebrew beer. I am looking forward to learning about new ways that I can use technology in my classroom.