Introductory concepts

My own view is that technology has an important role in the classroom but is not in itself going to cause students to learn.  Though I concede that students are going to be increasingly asked to use technology in their work, I still maintain that there are some skills that we need to teach that technology doesn’t fit best.  For example I have yet to find a commonly available classroom technology that will allow students to do math; while there are calculators more involved problems require students (and teachers) to write things down which I can’t do on an iPad.    Although some might object that it is more likely  students will need to use technology skills instead of the science concepts I am teaching them, I would reply that my job is to expose them to information so that they can decide what things they want to do when they leave school.  The issue is important because technology is a huge part of the world today and its role is going to increase as time goes by. As teachers we need to really think about what our students need to get out of the time they spend in our classrooms and structure our use of technology (and all other resources) accordingly.


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